Patrick McCullough

I had the pleasure of chatting on the phone this evening with a prospective new member who expressed a desire to be able to enlist the help of friends who either did not claim or could not prove lineage from a Confederate Veteran, but who very much supported the mission of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

I was quick to inform the member that such individuals certainly have an established outlet for involvement, through Associate Membership (“Friends of the SCV”), but I realized that with nary a mention on the website, I am guilty, as I imagine many of my fellow compatriots are, of falling into a defensive and unfortunate trap of believing that anyone who is not a descendent of a Confederate Veteran is necessarily at odds with the defense of their legacy.

Being someone who has lived in a rural corner of upstate New York for a few years, and seen no shortage of Confederate Flags, I should know better. Just as during the Late War, when the town of Town Line, New York, joined the Confederacy in seceding, many New Yorkers have no shortage of appreciation for the Southern Confederacy in either its aims or the devotion to duty of its soldiers, or both.

And as many whose forebears had not yet immigrated during the Revolutionary War fly the Marsden Flag high, so too do many see our own Battle Flag, as the audacious standard of a group who stood toe-to-toe with an enemy of much greater numbers when they ceased to feel represented.

New York also boasts no shortage of reenactors, who, after spending days recreating the same deprivations our forebears faced, can’t help but be outraged to see Confederate graves unmarked by the flags under which they fell, and statues and memorials toppled or renamed.

If you fit into any of these categories, you will find yourself just as much at home in the New York Sons of Confederate Veterans as any other member. The only limitations of Associate Membership are that you cannot vote in camp elections or run for office. But you will be subscribed to the National Magazine, CONFEDERATE VETERAN, as well as the Camp’s monthly newsletter, THE COPPERHEAD.  And you will be as welcome as any other member at Camp events, from Southern cocktail receptions to grave restorations and markings.  Finally, you will know that your annual dues go to supporting the ongoing efforts of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in keeping statues and memorials maintained and standing, against the elements, as well as political revisionism.

If you’re interested in becoming an Associate Member of the New York Sons of Confederate Veterans, simply download and complete the Friends of the SCV application form, and mail it, along with a check or money order for $50 payable to “Archibald Gracie Camp” to Camp Commander Patrick McCullough / PO Box 271 / Callicoon, NY 12723, or direct any questions or other thoughts to me at And be sure to stay up-to-date with the camp by following us on Twitter and Facebook!

The $50 consists of $10 annual dues to the New York City Camp, $10 one-time induction fee, and $30 annual dues, both to the National Organization.

Our own native New Yorker namesake Archibald Gracie joined Alabama in standing against a northern force he regarded as a bully. Won’t you join the Sons of Confederate Veterans in standing up against the endless historical revisionism that arbitrarily curses Lee from the same mouth that honors Washington?

Yours in the Cause,

Patrick McCullough
Gen. Archibald Gracie Camp #985


The latest issue of The Copperhead has been delivered to members’ email inboxes, and is available on the website: August issue of THE COPPERHEAD, the official newsletter of the New York City Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

This issue is, regrettably, 5 days late, though for good reason… What is that reason, you ask? Read the newsletter to find out, along with other invaluable information!


Archibald Gracie Camp #985, SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS, is proud to announce the First Annual Cigar & Mint Julep Party on Saturday, August 30th, at 7PM!  In the elegant South Lounge of the Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’ & Airmen’s Club, with a balcony overlooking Lexington Avenue, we’ll toast the unrivaled refinement of the South with frosty Mint Juleps (of course using only General Buckner’s Recipe!) and excellent cigars (only on the balcony, naturally).

The event is free to members of the Camp, as well as the ladies of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, while guests are respectfully asked to make a donation to the Camp of $20.  However, membership applications (both for descendents of Confederate servicemen as well as the auxiliary “Friends of the SCV”) will be available, and the submission of said along with payment for the first year’s dues will cover the cost of entrance!

This is an open event for anyone opining for the sunny South, so members are encouraged to invite friends.

Questions and RSVPs will be joyfully fielded by Camp Commander Patrick McCullough:, or RSVP at the First Annual Cigar & Mint Julep Party’s Facebook Page.


The latest issue of The Copperhead has been delivered to members’ email inboxes, and is available on the website: July issue of THE COPPERHEAD, the official newsletter of the New York City Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Like the June issue, the July edition features all the news from the camp, and is one page long. We’d love for forthcoming editions to have too much info to fit on one page! So send in your ideas and contributions to


On Wednesday, June 18th, the 150th anniversary of Gen. Beauregard’s impossible victory at Petersburg, members of the camp gathered at Aleo Restaurant in New York City for a dinner meeting.

McCullough_Mann_GracieOver drinks and an exquisite pre-fixe, an uncontested election was held, resulting in the unanimously ‘Ayed’ elevation of Camp Chaplain Patrick McCullough to Camp Commander, taking the reins from outgoing Commander Victor Mann. Mr. Cupschalk was reelected Lieutenant Commander, Dr. Green became Surgeon, Mr. Moseley was elected Judge Advocate, and Mr. Beedle continues as Historian.

Commander McCullough asked for input on venues for future meetings as well as dates, speakers, and special events. Members are encouraged to email suggestions to Based on feedback, a calendar for the coming year should be available soon!

Following the business meeting, a presentation was given entitled “Confederate New York: The City’s Surprising Southern History”.

It provided brief biographies of Confederate Sons such as NYC Mayor John Purroy Mitchel, New York Governor Herbert H. Lehman, and others, as well as NYC Mayor Fernando Wood’s proposal to join the South in seceding, Stonewall Jackson’s Brooklyn baptism, the NYC residency of President Davis’ widow, and more.

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